Let's Bring up Social Leaders from Poverty Youth !

C.P.I.Japan is NGO authorized by Japanese Government,
established at 1979

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Please look new focus in Sri Lanaka

Schorship Program for areas of last-war

Please look new focus in Indonesia

Consulting work join with Specialist

publicities by Japanese News Papers

Japanese-Indonesian Friendship Festival

Poverty Reduction could attain with the
leaders who was brought from
Poverty Society

Our mission is Education Care, Capacity
Building and Area Development in regional areas

At the year 1987, our leader KIKUFUMI KONISHI decided to
start Education Care Program for students who were very
poor but clever at their schools of Asia.

We have supported 24,000 yen/year for selected student by Foster Care Program. We have been bringing up over 10,000 students at
Sri Lanka and Indonesia

And from the year 2000, we have been promoting capacity
building and consulting services for the life of people.
At the year 2007, Japan National Tax Agency authorized
C.P.I.Japan as
one of the most trustful NPOs in Japan.

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Message from our Leader KIKUFUMI KONISHI

People, who live in Advanced Nations, love the beautiful scene in regional areas of Developing Nations. They may feel it is a nice picture that young girl bring a water jug in the sunset scenery. But actually the girl's family is very poor. Some case, her mother is sick, so she must help her family works every day. Please consider if her achievement of the school is high, but she cannot continue because of her family's condition.....is it fare? C.P.I.Japan wish to create "Fareness Society" with Advanced Persons, who have a warm heart, of worldwide society.

Office information

  • Head-Workshop-Place in Japan: 4-4-9-101 Kitano Mitaka-City, Tokyo,Japan
  • Office in Indonesia : SME Towerr 10F, Jl.Gatoto-Subroto, Jakarta, INDONESIA
  • Office in Sri Lanka : Mahindarama Road, Etul Kotte, Kotte ( join with SNECC)


We also have a dream to establish an institute to solute international infection in abroad.
The instituteion will inspect the grate result every year in world-wide and commend officially to
inspire such a reserch activities.



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