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NPO authorized by Japanese Gov

We has been supporting Indoneian students since 1989.
Now, we have to change the unfare-situation in Indonesia, between big city, like Jakarta, and rural areas.

This is to say that people of the rural areas could get their economic result by their own power, and
we will support them to be able to raise their project joined with local government.

C.P.I.JAPAN held 『One village One Project Movement』 collaborated with Ministry Home Affairs.
The seminor is tryal to change Indonesian society.

World Bank also support the activity, then C.P.I Japan could lead JSDF project in Smarang 2005-2008.
JSDF ; Japan Social Development Fund (controled by World Bank)
This project was development for 620 ha with landless-farmers and area-society.

C.P.I.JAPAN is promoting below.

● Capacity Building and water conservation for people at the site of mountain
● Estalishment of education for Marin-Eco and trainint of Fishery skill-up
● Establishment of community couledge for area economic
●Capacity Building for the group of husbandless woman afere naturak desaster

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